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Grief Support Training in Sri Lanka
Training Workshops

Global Grief Support, Inc. offers grief support training to fit the needs of the local area impacted by a natural disaster.

This is the standard workshop that trains local people to provide culturally appropriate grief support in the aftermath of a natural disaster, such as a hurricane, tsunami or earthquake. It is a two-day workshop conducted in the geographical area of the natural disaster and invites people who live in the area and who have suffered losses to engage in an interactive learning experience that will not only help them to understand their own grief journey, but also equip them to support others.

This workshop addresses the trauma of grief when loved ones have suffered a loss due to violence. The emotional, psychological and social dimensions of grief are different and complicated following death by violence. It is also more complicated to provide appropriate support to those who are grieving a loss due to violence.

This workshop focuses on the age-related understanding of death and how to communicate with children who are grieving. Children are often ignored following the death of a loved one, or they may be told things that end up being more harmful than helpful. This workshop addresses issues such as: "How to tell a child that a parent or sibling has died?", "Should my 4 year old go to the funeral?", "What behaviors are normal for children who are grieving?"

This workshop is for pastors, deacons and youth leaders. This workshop focuses on the practical needs of faith communities and how best to support grieving individuals and families. A clear understanding of the normal emotions, behavioral changes, and spiritual stress of grief will help faith communities to better support mourners from the moment news of death occurs to long-term support. Includes how to integrate spirituality and religious beliefs in grief support.

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